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At Open Minds Hypnotherapy, we believe in treating people as unique individuals. No two people are the same, even though they may refer themselves with similar problems.


Hypnotherapy is a therapy using hypnosis not only to alleviate symptoms but often to uncover the cause of the problem which usually can be corrected thus ensuring a complete transformation...


Hypnotherapy is the name given to the modern practice of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. Hypnosis enables the everyday activity of the conscious mind to be reduced, therefore allowing greater access to the non-conscious parts of the mind. Under hypnosis a person is more open emotionally and more susceptible to suggestion than in the normal waking state and is generally more physically relaxed.


Hypnosis is a natural, day-dreamy state of mind. We daily enter this state quite naturally as we pass through the “twilight zone” when going to sleep at night and when awakening again in the morning. It can be defined as an altered state of awareness. It is not a state of mind in which you are “out of   control” but a rather beautiful relaxed and peaceful state of mind and body.


Hypnotherapy  is essentially a partnership between client and hypnotherapist, and can help in a variety of situations. These range from the perhaps more well known issues of smoking prevention and weight loss, to include help with phobias such as  fear of flying, achieving enhanced states of relaxation to alleviate high blood pressure, hypnosis for natural  childbirth, pain relief for physical symtoms, right through to regression therapy including past life regression. Stress management and relaxation sessions for corporate clients or groups of individuals are also available.


The initial consultation includes a detailed discussion of individual circumstances, and agreement on the best course of thearapy to succeed in helping the client. The approach is respectful of client’s individuality and personal life experience and the highest level of  professional integrity and discretion is assured at all times.


We are bound by professional ethics of the General Hypnotherapy Register.  This is your guarantee of competence, and ethical professional practice.


Visit Us

Open Mind Therapies

The Old Grammar School House

School Gardens


Tel: 01691 682636 / 07804122483

Available Treatments
  • Hypnotherapy                                     
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • Life/Business Coaching
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom technique)
  • Fertile Body Method – Holistic Fertility Treatment
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