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'Helen is a fantastic and highly experienced practitioner in her field.  Helen really gives you the space and freedom to speak, with a very understanding nature and no pre-judgements, she gives some different perspectives and helps equip you with the right tools and techniques suited to your needs.

There are some practical exercises and visualisation which I always enjoy and they really get you looking outside of the box and have given me some true 'realisations'!


The hypnosis is a fabulous experience with really positive outcomes, I don't know how it works but it definitely does!  It's a very relaxing and pleasant experience, Helen puts you at ease and is very focussed and supportive to your specific requirements.  It's really helped me through some difficult times and adjusted my negative thinking and behaviours.  I highly recommend seeing Helen, she's been amazing and enlightening.

Judy M

"After a few visits to Helen's practice I found the task of stopping smoking so much easier, it was as if she had waved a magic wand and overtime my cravings stopped completely! Thank you!"

Natalie Wood

"With smoking being such a major health issue, it was incredibe for me to find a way of supressing the urge to do so and Helen was the person that helped me do that! My family and I are so grateful."

Jane Barnes

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