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Helen is unique in her approach to Clients and as such has a growing reputation by personal recommendation. Helen works with Clients from many and diverse backgrounds and locations, nationally and internationally, achieving powerful and effective results. Helens' expertise involves treating many conditions associated with stress, anxiety, panic attacks, lack of confidence and phobias, together with treatment of insomnia and sleep disorders. Helen Specialises in fertility issues and is a Fertile Body Method Practitioner. An NLP Master Practitioner, Business and Personal Performance Coach, Helen extends her treatments into the work place, providing stress assessment and management for individuals, facilitation of change management, and lunch time relaxation sessions! 



Hi, welcome to Open Minds, I have been treating clients with a wide range of issues for many years at my practice in Shrewsbury and more recently at the WhiteHouse LifeSpa near Welshpool.


Let me tell you briefly about what it is I do..


Often we are unable to achieve what we really want because we listen to that small inner voice telling us all of the negative reasons why we can’t, are not good enough or don’t deserve it. This programming and belief system can be with us from a very early age and we can become trapped in negative ways, behaviours, thoughts and emotions.


Through Hypnotherapy it can be possible to make permanent change and transformation to allow you to live the positive, fulfilled life that you deserve. By subconsciously addressing  deep seated habits and beliefs,  change happens naturally.


I will support and work in partnership with you to effect the agreed treatment, to empower you for change and to help restore positive balance in your life.


Helen Taylor

Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, Coaching, Stress Management


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